Setting up a masternode privately can be stressful especially when you are not too skilled or have several Nodes in your portfolio and have other things to deal with in your daily life.

Stone Platform has come to change all those difficulties yet increasing your profit margin by rendering a low cost masternode hosting fee which happens to be the most cost efficient platform that exists today!

All you have to do is visit read about and pick the coin you want to invest in.

  1. Pick your selected coin from the list of Masternode coins listed here on Stone Platform, click and follow the installation process as stated.
  2. Choose your method of payment, if you chose credit card payment method make sure your payment details and billing info are same and correct on your account information on STP as it is on your card.
  3. If you chose STP coin as a method of payment, you have to first top up your account balance on Stone Platform with STP coin which is equivalent to at least 3.50 USD for one Masternode fee per month.
  4. Contact us via chat or support to assist you “Walk the walk” setting up your first masternode!