We are a ONE-STOP cryptocurrency Masternode and Staking Platform!

With Stone Platform you can enjoy the dividends of engaging in cryptocurrency sphere and make the most of your earnings with lots of features and advantages which other platforms can’t render.

On STP you get a vast amount of different Masternode cryptocurrencies which means you can find and host all of your masternode coin on our platform for a minimized an affordable monthly cost with maximum rewards and profit for your portfolio.

We guarantee the safety of your investment returns with our reliable experts and hosting infrastructure which is second to none in this space.

PoW Mining:




On Stone platform, we prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our customers and community by offering a secured, quality, affordable and reliable Digital cryptocurrency hosting service where your opinion counts.


*Vast and diversified listed Masternode/PoS coins on our platform where you can Host, stake and Mine any coin of your choice on our platform without need for multiple hosting sites.

*Scalability and affordability; Hosting your Nodes is most profitable and affordable with us where you pay less (3.50 USD/Month) and get more from our platform.

*Several months of (Beta stage) FREE Hosting/Staking services.

*Free multi coin listing (Beta Stage)

*Diverse method of payment payment:

Our users can enjoy the ease of payment by using Credit card, Stripes, PayPal or Stone Coin (STP)